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Let me tell you a bit about me

Hola 👋 I’m a consultant UX designer based in Bristol, UK. I have been working with startups, global organizations within the travel industry, education and financial sector and public services. 

My main goal and enthusiasm in UX is to understand client’s challenges and find solutions that engage them with high-converting experiences that meet the needs and user’s interests. I even run my own product so I understand the business struggles from first hand! 

I’m a passionate and creative person who likes to have new experiences and learn from there. I always try to put myself on other shoes as I believe that’s the start of a good relationship.


The approach I follow and the skills I use


At the beginning of the journey my main goal is to build empathy with the users. Using different design methodologies I conduct research to identify and develop an understanding of the users.


Begin to focus on key areas, the goal is to combine all the research and observe where the user’s problems exist. Starting to develop themes and pain points through user journeys that will help us to develop hypothesis.


Generate a range of creative ideas through ideation. At this stage is important to work collaborative with teams to come up with many ideas as possible. Allowing us to design different versions of the designs to test.

Business mindset

Return to the users for feedback. Did we solve the problem? Can we do it better? Following research methodologies we can keep exploring and find better solutions.

User research

Service design

User interface

Problem solving


Data driven




Journey mapping

Design systems


I spent so much time improving and learning all these skills, but nothing beats working with a team to have a complete design process!

Case Study

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Some case studies I enjoyed working on

Building a proptech product: HolaRoost (Part I)

This is our story about building a proptech company from scratch. This article talks about the research, hypothesis, problem, opportunity, value proposition and solution.

Case Study

Building a proptech company: HolaRoost (Part II)

The second part of this article explains how we came up with the user journey, designs, MVP, accelerators, pitch, landing page and our take aways for this side project.

Case Study

Covering Design Principles in a UX Workshop

As designers, we know that critiques are crucial to the design process to have a better guidance in design critiques. We decided we were on a mission to define our design principles in order to have the vision to gauge design decisions.

Case Study

Empower customers to buy tickets online

The idea behind this case study is to create an MVP web responsive platform to allow passengers that use train/bus services to buy tickets from A to B, we called it Web Portal from now on. It will be a white label product, allowing every brand have their own customized UI. The responsive website, Web Portal, will be a companion service of the current app.

Case Study

Job-sharing for Doctors

Doppeldoc is a responsive website that helps doctors to find a job-sharing partner through a registration form that pairs doctors with the same criteria. The main location of this product is on Switzerland and the languages required for the responsive website was German, as the main language, and English as a second language.

Case Study

Educational AR app for a Museum

Archimedes Digital is a small startup that believes in the idea of building a software that connects us with our shared traditions and cultures. The team is based remotely, most of them in EEUU, so definitely was a challenge to have in mind when we started scheduling meetings. But I love challenges and when I had the chance to work in an AR app for the Harvard Semitic Museum (HSM) I couldn’t say no.

Case Study

Sketch Plugins for your UI Library (Design Systems)

Since Sketch release Sketch Libraries is being a life-changing for a lot of designers that works towards creating a design system for their products.

Case Study

Other Stuff

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